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So Close, Yet So Far III CH 1 PART 2
So Close…Yet So Far III:
Chapter 1 part 2:
Once again I see that dream, except this time there is some difference. I don’t see just the corps on the floor and blood everywhere, I see myself giving order. Directing an army while I am in a full magic armor, I am fighting by their sides while Massak is there by my side. I see Joe and Lukwos fighting in front line, not far from me, all of us covered in blood as we give all we have to survive.
I see Brent, Bruce, Jaky, and Wuffy all in an encampment helping the best they can, from a distance. On the other side of the battle scene, I hear the dark and sinister laugh sounding all around us, like he is trying to freeze our blood and hearts in fear.
The scene changes, I start seeing the shape of a beautiful woman in armor, with a scepter. I then hear her voice telling me “Help us…we need your help battle mage. Be true to your destiny and save our worlds.”
:iconkarmakat01:Karmakat01 1 0
So Close...Yet So Far III ch 1 part 1
So close…yet so far III:
Chapter 1: a “request” for help…
I am there, meditating under this waterfall that would have frozen most people, and is located not far from Massak’s village. Nilak had pointed it out to me when I said I needed to meditate on those dreams I kept having lately. When I had told her about them, after the second one happened, she said she would look into them. The only news I had about it since them, or at least I think it’s related, is that she is training Massak very hard. At the same time she had sent Lukwos and Joe to train together against the warriors of the village saying “Now that the paladin has found his mate they have to be ready to fight side by side.”
Normally we should have left since a week and a half but she had requested for us to stay longer with the excuse for my friends to be ready too. The ones that she surprised the most, I think, were Brent and his brother Bruce which were a
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Karma Pateron by Karmakat01 Karma Pateron :iconkarmakat01:Karmakat01 4 4 Delusions by Karmakat01 Delusions :iconkarmakat01:Karmakat01 1 0 the weirdness begins by Karmakat01 the weirdness begins :iconkarmakat01:Karmakat01 2 0 Brothers Art, Craft and Magic shop's 2 comic by Karmakat01 Brothers Art, Craft and Magic shop's 2 comic :iconkarmakat01:Karmakat01 1 0 Coffee Breath Patreon by Karmakat01 Coffee Breath Patreon :iconkarmakat01:Karmakat01 9 0 Brothers Art, Craft and Magic shop GRAND OPENING! by Karmakat01 Brothers Art, Craft and Magic shop GRAND OPENING! :iconkarmakat01:Karmakat01 2 0 Omega Alliance IS FINALLY OUT! by Karmakat01 Omega Alliance IS FINALLY OUT! :iconkarmakat01:Karmakat01 2 0 Fire Of The Soul by Karmakat01 Fire Of The Soul :iconkarmakat01:Karmakat01 3 2 Light In The Sky by Karmakat01 Light In The Sky :iconkarmakat01:Karmakat01 4 0
Acceptance part 2
(end of the story: ACCEPTANCE)
That evening, sleep was mostly ignoring me, but I knew it was not much better for Massak the way he kept shivering in his sleep. I could only hold him against me and rub his back softly while hoping I could soothe his worries. At least a little bit. The morning after I could see, without asking, that no one had a really good night sleep. We were of few words that morning except a few nonsensical words. Until Massak’s phone biped and he picked it up to look at the message and just gave a nod at Marcus. “They heard ‘it’…”
Just from the look on Reis’ face I knew he was drawing a blank just like me. But I decided to not ask anything as I was passing around coffee and offering breakfast. Around lunch we were about to leave Marcus looked toward us and said “Let’s avoid surprises and meet at the main school entrance at 3 pm…no let’s meet at one thirty…I got another idea in mind first.”
:iconkarmakat01:Karmakat01 2 5
Acceptance part 1
Follow up story for:
This is a fan-fiction made as a follow up to the link above. The original stories this was inspired from are “Cruelty” and “Unconditional”. Both stories and most characters, aka the ones from the original universe, are sole property of Rukis Croax, this being a fan fiction with no intention to make a profit from.
It was done in the intention of a birthday gift to the original author.
It had been 3 or 4 days since that evening at the bar with Reis and Marcus. Getting them introduced to Massak was the best idea I had I think at that point. It allowed Reis to relax more around me and to let Marcus know that they had friends they could hang out with instead of staying secluded at home every days off and weekends. We were even planning to escape toward the mountai
:iconkarmakat01:Karmakat01 2 0
Ryuseii Silla Silverwind-ulva NOT MY ART by Karmakat01 Ryuseii Silla Silverwind-ulva NOT MY ART :iconkarmakat01:Karmakat01 6 11
Heart behind the mask bonus PART 2
Heart Behind the Mask
Bonus Chapter: Christmas Tensions Part 2
The 24th of December: 4am
I jump, shaken awake by Bai Hai as he tells me, “Wake, my friend! We need you to take us to a certain military base, quickly!” I’m trying to get my bearings after a few hours of nightmare-filled sleep, and I realize that they are both suited up: Hekate and Dongfang Long stand before me.
“I think we found the base where ‘Project Incubus’ took place,” Hekate tells me, “but we need to go immediately because they’ll probably start tearing the place apart when they realize they’ve been found.” I adjust my helmet as she continues, “The project was supposed to be cancelled. Someone’s kept it going behind a lot of people’s backs.”
I grumble and grab my satchel of energy bars, which felt a bit lighter. Hekate gives me a sheepish grin, and I figure she probably ate a few. I don&
:iconkarmakat01:Karmakat01 6 7
Heart behind the mask bonus Part 1
Heart Behind the Mask
Bonus Chapter: Christmas Tensions Part 1
I was finally happy as I could be. There was no other way to say it; I really was. I had married the man I love and adopted two kids of our own. Even if those few months underground had been hell and we lost friends, I couldn’t deny it. I often thought, “It can’t get any better.”
Of course being a barista in the coffee shop I’d opened with Trent wasn’t my only job in life. I still had to juggle that with raising the kids and moonlighting as a super hero. Thinking about the hell I’ve been through or about sacrificing my leg to save our Earth, I feel ready to face any adversary. At the end of that battle, yes, I had to fight my ‘mother’ in court again for the inheritance left to me by Grandma Jenna. Yes, I had to adjust to an extremely advanced mechanical leg that replaced my real one. The biggest change was raising two kids who hadn
:iconkarmakat01:Karmakat01 3 3
dont hesitate to look inside for more work ), i love to get comments and critiques to know more. also most always open to commissions hehe

prices can be seen here

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Would you be willing to help me if i open a patreon with chapters I am working on, art, possible cameos and others... 

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Hey everyone,

As the bow and heart shaped arrows is arriving I decided to offer something else to people that don’t want to speak about it.

As many people know I don’t hesitate to share my point of view on things, giving reasons why but still TRYING to stay all public. If I manage. So I decided to do a kind of review about TV shows and movies as I am not a book addict but also about those things. A few people that saw my collections where wondering if they walked into a shop. Hehe.

So my usual kinds are comedy, action, Sci-fi, police or alphabet researching their prey and such. But honestly I don’t mind animations or Japanese anime either. So I will TRY MY BEST to keep good and bad, to my point of view together and not ended up making a good mess between both. As I said I WILL TRY.

For starter, why am I not into horror movies? Because to me that have no interests, like drama movies, not only they feel to me like losing time that I could do something else but also well…if I want a scene with a ‘load full of tomato sauce’ I might as well watch one of the Bruce Willis movie and had my feel.

Don’t misunderstanding me I LOVED the Die Hard series…in the past, the newest one is another super power for him when he loose the amount of 10 TIMES HIS BLOOD IN 15 MINUTES BUT STILL KEEP ON WALKING. I also loved ‘The Fifth Elements’ too, also back then Milla Jovovich KNEW HOW TO ACT in a movie unlike in the ‘Resident Evil’ that she kept going downward in her so called acting.

But to be honest, I CAN’T STAND some of the ‘actors’ that act like they supposedly ‘still have it. I don’t stand Jean-Claude Van Damme, even if I loved his movies as a kid. The Sylvester Stallone that is to the point of trying to go a movie about the Ravagers from ‘Guardian of the Galaxy’ but you feel like going to him and go “STOP RIGHT NOW…and use hemorrhoid cream for the freaking giant bags under your eyes, or plane company will ask you to pay supplements. The Arnold Shwarzeneger that even after all this years also keep doing the same movies and can’t even pronounce normally, even talking about ANOTHER Terminator…like Rambo for Stallone “Fight against the painkillers and steroid” probably. Or freaking Tom Cruise movies that keep on being follow up of his past ‘lights’. Like a NEW TOP GUN? REALLY? Like Bill Engwall said in ’15 degrees of cool’, you can’t do the thing he did in the first movie. Imagine in the second with all the surgeries he went through to change ‘keep his look’.

Or worse to me Dolph Lundgren that never good besides acting like a meat brain as a bad guy or Mel Gibson. About Mel Gibson I did LOVED the ‘Lethal Weapon’ movies, even the new TV shows aren’t too bad, even ‘What Women Want’ wasn’t too bad. But, like the others, he acts like he is 20 years old still in movies that DON’T FIT HIM. Coming back with ‘Blood Father’ is a full honest way to put it, or worse in its own way, when in ‘Daddy’s Home 2’ the young ladies barely legal and giant boobs act that they will faint for him. At his age and nothing real to ‘offer’ either they had drugged them or they due the scenes while letting the girls watch a REAL EYE CANDY!


But, of course, they are more things that bother or infuriate me. Like the DC movies and TV shows…oh fracky freaking crap. Not only they have like 5 different Flash, Superman and so on –I admit I was very surprised they kept Green arrows for the shows up of others at this point and not a ‘made up copy’- but also the scenarios have NO SOUL OR FEELINGS OR ANYTHING!

For example go with Supergirl okay she flies…WHY DOES SHE WALK IN THE AIR? As far as I know there is no TRACTION in the air! Or why, like the blonde she is with her friends, why does she keeps telling them, nearly screaming, that SHE SHOULD GO CHANGE INTO SUPERGIRL WITH PEOPLE JUST NEAR HER? She has a new power of ‘no sound bubble’ around her now or what? If you ever look at the “Legends of Tomorrow’ well let’s say it…it’s like a kindergarten group that ‘try’ to save the world. Not they act like brats…but EVERY TIME the ‘leader’ of the group will say “Remember to stay on the vision and not change the rest of the past or it will affect the future…” which is normal. But like 10 or 15 minutes later SAME PERSON GOES AND THROWS EVERYTHING IN A FREAKY NEW POOP!

Yeah I know I get carried away a lot by those, I admit also that I have hoping a lot by those TV shows. But that was BEFORE I had glimpse or tried to watch the new DC movies. Disappointment was really present with company or worse. The first Superman was barely ‘digestible’ but when Ben Affleck decided to come back and ‘get the light on him’ well that’s when you feel hurt.

I will also admit I was more about the X-men and Marvel series than DC. But still I liked all the old Superman and Batman, even often watched the silly cartoons and REALLY LOVED the black version of Batman we had before in cartoons. But the new movies…they will just try to fool you to my point.

I was not tempting by Batman Vs Superman, easy to guess why. But the way they made Lex Luthor actor act…I can understand why he doesn’t even watch the movie himself. Like a lot of people critics said ‘it’s two Ken’s doll that are just bumping into each other’s’, honestly I can’t deny them. Then I had heard a lot about ‘Suicide Squad’ so I watched it. Beginning was uninteresting but with all the team acting together it’s was getting great. Will Smith was his usual jackass as he acts in all the movies since a few years –making you wonder what happened to him- and Margot Robbie was a great Harley Quinn. Even if the camera kept going for Will Smith and Margot Robbie in tiny shorts ASS FULL VIEW, yes I SAID IT, the movie deserved more time of the other characters but it was great.

Until the end…

How to explain the end of the movie…well only way I can think of can be a bit crude but oh well. First you have the last fight that builds up, makes your blood building up and like a start of a hard on. You follow the whole scene and you reach closer to a real climax by the scenes after the fight. Then…dead of your hard on making you to call a doctor in help because Ben Affleck arrives and kills everything in your joy alongside the good feelings about the movie.

When I saw previews of JLA…I knew it would all base up on him again for his ego and shit. Even the Wonder Woman movie was killed by the way they described her, even if I admit that some scenes of the movie was great.


On Marvel side some character turned black, so what? Didn’t bother me at all, but I have to admit that the way they changed the backstory of Starlord in the second movie I was REALLY disappointed. It could have gone even greater if they had followed up the original story. And I couldn’t help the fact that I kept Expecting Rocket Raccoon and Yondu starting to kiss in that open heart talk when they are just a few cm away from each other’s mouths and nearly crying.

But that was just a hope I know.


Alongside that, the ones from Netflix are between politics, alcohol and dumb. The only one I REALLY ENJOYED and saw real fights into it was in “Defenders”. That’s one I hope for a follow up I admit.


Now let’s keep up a bit more in TV shows and movie that I think personally are great. To start I am an addict of ‘Friends’, ‘Will and Grace’, ‘Hot in Cleveland’, I also LOVE an old TV show with Queen Latifah ‘Living single’. Now they are great and funny but you really can feel GREAT chemistry coming between them. Along that I love NCIS and NCIS New Orleans, even if I admit that they episodes start to be really predictable and I am still sad that the original NCIS are stopping. After all this years I guess I can understand why after all the actor changing. The new series by Michael Weatherly ‘Bulls’ isn’t bad either but the one I will mostly miss is Pauley Perrette.

Also it’s from the love of their work and Marines that I had starting working on one of my new novels.

But on the side, even if I liked them even less it was ‘Bones’, ‘Castles’. Not only you could feel that most actors are more at each other’s throat but the episodes weren’t getting that great. Even if I give Props to ‘Bones’ to have Betty White appearing in 2 episodes in the latest series, as usual she was awesome.


On the side, besides some scenes, I can’t say I was really into ‘Boss Baby’ but I really enjoyed ‘Zootopia’, ‘Rock Dog’ and ‘Sing”. It was refreshing to have like the old ‘Robin Hood’ Disney. Having anthropomorphic characters with real feelings showing up, having a real history. And I am still hoping for more like that.

About other kind of movies, ‘The intern’ with Anne Athaway and Robert De Niro was really great. Or, more recent one that REALLY pulled on my soul was ‘The Greatest Showman’ with Hugh Jackman. Just songs by Lettie Lutz really pulls on your soul and if you listen to the lyrics, well most of us can’t deny she is right.

Another movies that really are on my GREAT list. For example ‘Hot Pursuit’, it’s a movie with Reese Whiterspoon and Sofia Vergara, honestly it’s a movie a LOT of my friends begged me to pause the movie so they could breathe again despite the full out laughs.

Another ones with Queen Latifah that I watch often if I want to cheer myself up. ‘Beauty shop’ and ‘Last Holiday’ they are both really engaging movies I swear.

Don’t misunderstand me in the fact that I also love the ‘Despicable me’ movies, ‘the Minions or ‘Ice Age’ series. And I REALLY want to see ‘Ferdinand’ too.


But one thing that REALLY scares me is the new Disney ‘live remakes of our child movies’, yes again I dared say it. Not only they aren’t as good as they were when we were kids but also its boarding gothic and depression time with them. I watched the new “Beauty and the Beast” on a flight back from Ac, it just reinforced what I thought…it kills one of my favorite movie from when I was a kid. Now they announced ‘Dumbo’ and ‘Aladdin’ movies what will it be? Dumbo wearing the make up from the rock group ‘Kiss’…the Genie from Aladdin that is doubled by Will Smith depressing you and making you miss Robbin Williams even more? Which to me is the BEST EVER in ‘The Birdcage’ FULL HONEST.

Unless they give Will Smith his ‘happy pills’ and manage to pull him out from when he was in ‘Prince of Bel-Air’ well YEAH I am scared.


Other than that well there is one more thing I have to say. Most of you should know that I am Bi and I don’t stand back when a guy is attacked by being gay or furry or something along the line. It’s not my kind.

But the same way they keep picturing ‘strong’ women as tough –cough loudly- to the point you wait for them to arrive with a hot-pocket cooked just for you. Well I would like them to STOP the fraky freaking way of showing gay guys.

Like what happened in Marvel showing up with X-men from the past and then dropping the bomb ‘Yeah Iceman is afraid to be a mutant but ALSO TO BE GAY!’

You know I don’t mind a guy like him being gay, even Wolverine was at a moment like a lot of people wonder about Cyclops or Colossus but to me it’s more ‘WHATEVER’. It’s the fact that after what…30 years or more ‘Why don’t we change something to make gay feel even more afraid to be honest about their feelings?’

Am sorry but…WHUUUUUUUUUT!!!!!!!!!!

Like some idiots are going around saying that Elsa is a lesbian, me I went again “And so what?” after everyone thinking she would have more ‘snow kids’ with Jack Frost, I couldn’t care besides “Well good for her.” But since Anna saved her in the first one people say that Elsa and Anna are trying to convince people that they have an AFFAIR? Some people even TRYING TO GET PEOPLE TO SIGN AN PETITION AGAINST ELSA TO GET HER AWAY FROM KIDS!


Okay then go on more with that idea…did you know that she doesn’t just have an affair with Elsa. But she also has sex gang parties with OLAF, KRISTOFF AND SVEN! Also Kristoff JUST LOVES to take Olaf carrot in his ASS!

At this point WHY NOT! Maybe someone read it online and then went ‘the internet only tells the truth’…AS IF!

People as so STUPID that NOW they want the ‘Last Jedi’ movie to be removed too because they ARE NO WOMEN ON IT!

I read that I went “When Daisy Ridley did have a SEX CHANGE? I didn’t that anywhere…” YET!

People are so stupid nowadays with their reactions and what they want it’s scary.

Okay I LOVED the ‘City of Bones’ books to the point I read the first 3 in 2 weeks. But the way they did the movie and TV SHOWS as the crap they are well I just stopped watching.

Same way I loved the movie ‘Croods’, ‘Turbo’, ‘Home’ and hated the ‘new crappy 3 years old version’ anime on Netflix. I just didn’t keep on watching.

I more starting watching and ENJOY ‘One day at a time’, or ‘the 7 deadly sins’ or ‘the Troll Hunter’.

I loved the ‘Paddington’ movies and want to say the 2nd one but I did HATE Nicole Kidman as her acting way isn’t better than a carton box.


I am more the kind “Well if other people go for it, well good for them. It just not my things.”

Then one of the things that really scare me about all the idiots going about those shit, alongside actors that don’t understand they should ‘change their style or RETIRE’!

Like to me the ‘Central Intelligence’ was great, seeing the Rock Johnson acting like a goof in it was great to me. Or the new Ghostbuster movie was also great to me, loved the references too. Or even the ‘Spy’ movie even if I wasn’t expecting a FULL VIEW of an hard cock in it.

Honestly I am also expecting a second ‘Rasta Rocket’ as now women are bobsleighing in the Olympics for Jamaica. If it’s as good as the old ‘Rasta Rocket’ and ‘Eddie the Eagle’, that happened at the SAME OLYMPICS than ‘Rasta Rocket’, well I am FULLY FOR IT. It’s like another new version of the Ghostbuster with 4 women instead of guys. Again, SO WHAT?


To the people that keep being acid of things and trying to force the other well I have one thing to tell them.

Keep on sucking lemons and SOON you will have one of them purposing to you with a ring.

Who knows right?

As usual I don’t mind talking about other movies or answer reactions on what I said.

Like I said before I am not trying to force people to follow my opinions, and don’t mind talking about them.


You guys have fun hopefully still by reading the ways I did my points of views.

Kat out.

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