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So close, yet so far
CHAPTER 1: Darkness and…
Here I am again, this same place. A dream? A real place? Just somewhere in my mind? I don't know. Just a few things are for sure so far… first: my body has no regular feelings, second: I don't even think I am even breathing right now. I think they've got a special name for this place. If I remember well, it's called an 'astral plane'. But I know one simple thing for sure: he is here again with me. I decide to just try to get in contact with him to see if he'll show up. "You know, after all this time I would have thought we were acquainted enough that you should know you don't have to hide from me anymore, no?" I wait a few minutes and I can feel he is thinking now, unsure of what to do. I decide to push him a little more. "Aren't we… hmm… something like roommates now, D?" That seems to give him the last nudge and finally make him react. "Yeah I guess you are right, at least on that part."
Shadows begin to shape themselves in front of me into a cloaked figure, that appeared to float, and give an approximation of his size. There were no definite features, not even a face. "Still making a showy entrance, huh? Is that a rule or just for show? Or maybe your own rule. I admit, I've got no idea but I wonder since I've seen it so many times now." He moves closer to position himself to have a more normal talk.  His tone is serious as he replies, "It's more for the purpose of protection…for both of us."
Hearing his reason, I do admit that I'm a little surprised. "Protection from what? With all we've been through, are you implying that there is more or even possible worse? Come on, with all we've done so far I really wonder what they could throw at us next, you know." He starts to hover around me and seems to think about his answer. "A lot worse. You know I'm no regular 'demon', as your kind calls us. I've got a rank among all of us. Unlike the others I can't just pass on with killings, hence why I need a vessel to pass in your world. You were supposed to be it." Yeah, that was news for sure. "Hum, ok, and what can they really do?"
The way he turns around quickly to look at me, I already know I won't like the answer at all. "They could force my awakening if you want to put it that way. If they managed to kill you, they would free me from your body. Literally."
"Well I have to ask, then, would that be what you want? I mean, would you want to be freed from me?" I swear I could hear him chuckle, which is so odd given his temper. "Not really. A few years ago, probably when you were just born, I couldn't wait to be free. But, well, you have been keeping your share of our deal so far. As much as I wasn't expecting it, I even grew fond of you. You are nice company compared to my old… atmosphere. You are different."
"Right, and they can't see that?" The air has a sensation of vibrating a bit faster at that moment, and I can imagine he is not happy. "Most likely they don't care… they want me to take my place where I should be. They expect something from me. Like your master saw great things for you, except that we are both embracing your master's way. It was a decision. With them it never was a decision. It was more a legacy, an obligation."
The way he presents things gives me better idea of the situation. "I think I can see what you're saying and going through. Would have been nice of you to mention it sooner, though." At that moment I could swear I heard a grumble coming from him that was a lot more his style. "The subject didn't come up before now," he replied shortly. "We'd better keep our secrets safe as much as we can. I'm not sure it was such a good idea to tell your friend about me though." Now I'm the one pacing around him, a bit aggravated by what he said. "Well sorry," I reply, "but you didn't exactly warn me about that in all the months we've been talking." He looks down a little, as if to acknowledge my statement. "I give you that, I admit it. This is the kind of stuff I like about you. You don't grovel to me. You just say what you want to say. I admit, that's a change I do appreciate, even for someone of my own rank." I can't even suppress a chuckle as I hear that. "Well I'm glad you think so, big guy, because it's certainly not about to change. I am who I am after all." I sobered a bit after the joke. "So why did you call for this meeting down here? Any problems? Or is it just a social chat?"
"Hmph," his tone is sober. "There are indeed two subjects that we need to discuss." Now we're getting to the big subjects, after all the discoveries I had to wonder what the icing is. "Ok, what are they then?" Once again I see him turn around to face me. I might not see his eyes, but I feel his stare bore deep into me. "First of all, you should pay a lot of attention to your surroundings. The magic is starting to gather around this country, mostly this city. Unfortunately it's mostly dark magic…" His voice trails off and I take a deep breath. "Ok, that can't be good news. Even if you aren't the biggest fan of the situation, I guess it's a good thing Lukwos knows after all. They might come for him too."
"That's a possibility for sure. Any 'food' would be worth it for them to help speed up the gateway." I tried to swallow what would have been saliva in the normal world and realized my throat had tightened a little at the word he used. "Uh, yeah, not sure I am ever going to get used to the image you use to talk about us humans." I get the sensation of a shrug before he adds. "Old habit. Anyway, the second matter concerns you mostly." I stare at his figure, my jaw wide open before I manage finally to spit out one word. "ME???"
"Yeah." He seemed hesitant. "We're going to be sharing three ways pretty soon it seems…" That was a little too much for me. I couldn't help but feel a bit of rage and fear going up my spine. "THREE?!" I couldn't help but shout. "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? Please tell me I am at least one of those three." His voice took on a more soothing tone; softer, like a whisper for a minute. "Calm down. Yes you are one of the three and I don't really know any details yet. All I know is that you seem to have some sort of an egg growing inside yourself for a while now." I try to take a few deep breaths to calm myself down. "An EGG?" My eyes felt as big as saucers. My shouting seemed to upset him a little.  "Not eggs like a chicken, idiot." I laugh, dry and sarcastic. "Thanks, I didn't even think about that. I was more thinking like an alien movie. You know, things coming out by chewing their way through." He seemed to laugh a little before answering. "Well, not exactly. It could actually be something good for once. Even something that could help us both toward our goal." Hearing the last bit was like a breath of fresh air washing over me. "Now you've really got my interest. Like what?"
"It's another entity, another being, something with thoughts and actual intelligence." Since he seemed to avoid answering my question, I decide to try to push a little further for information. "Yeah but like what?" I got the feeling that he realized I want to know more than the little crumbs he's giving me. He pauses, seeming to debate the details he could share with me, then continued. "At the rate it's going, it seems to be some kind of light alignment. It also seems to be the reason were sleeping so much a few months ago and the reason you got sick. The last time you spent so much time at the hospital, you met me. This time it seems you were creating him or he was making his way to your soul." I feel a wave of relief hearing that but I can't help having a little worry creeping into me at the same time. "Okay, at this rate, should I expect to open like a motel or a frat house in my own body?" He actually seems to be really thinking about my attempt at humor before he answers. "That would be very surprising. It's already…uncommon for darkness and light to cohabit in the same body or even any close space." Realizing that he actually gave a serious answer, I can't help but roll my eyes. "With you I'm never sure if its sarcasm, jokes, or just plain real." He shrugs in response. "Take it as you like. Anyway, I'm going to go now. If you want to see what I was talking about go in that direction."
A ray of dark light shone in the said direction as D disappeared into a black tornado that vanished into the air.
I started walking through the darkness, but didn't really need light to see. Might have been because I am a feline, but I had a suspicion that it was something else. This darkness, after all, was inside my soul from what D told me once. Couldn't that mean that I've got also some light in me? Maybe eternal damnation isn't for me. Not yet, at least.
Kind of nice to feel like there is still a chance for me down here. I wander around the place for an unknown amount of time, following in the general direction D gave me. After a moment, I see a dim light in the distance. I keep my calm and try to reach it, but I'm not sure I am even getting closer to it. It still looks so far away. So I consider trying to do like with D, maybe calling it would make it less shy. Or maybe I am just going completely nuts. That, for sure, wouldn't be a first either in this life. I shrug at the last thought. Taking a deep breath, I just go with my instincts. "HELLO, you over there." The light seems to spark a bit more, and hesitate. It was probably wondering if I am talking to it. "Yep, you there. You know, in general I don't bite, at least not without a reason." The light seems to get a bit warmer, but no closer yet. It seemed less hesitant, more sure, as if it knew I was talking directly to it. I try to keep my contact going. "Are you going to tell me you are as shy as D?" A growl reaches my senses behind, and I couldn't help but laugh a little at D. With a gesture of my hand I add, "Oh come on D, you know what I mean." The light in front of me started to flicker, it looked like a kind of shy laugh. That makes me smile, so I decide to give it another try. "Well it seems you've got a sense of humor, so do you agree to see me or am I catching you at the wrong time? Maybe I am interrupting something, I don't know. Should I take an appointment next time?"
The light was staying bright, and a kind of warm feeling was flowing from it, but it still seemed to hesitate. Then suddenly it began to expand and brighten, surrounding and blinding me in a few seconds before I could even react. The funny thing was… I still felt just fine.
yep here is as i just promised the chapter one of my story
just a starting to put in places the story not a whole lot yet happening except a presentation of what is happening inside Karmakat and the thing he is going through.
i promise the other chapters are a lot more "active" hehe

the others will be posted as soon as they will be edited i promise

once again if i get good results and comments that will motivate me even more to go on this story as well as my drawings.
so far i am working on chapter 16

story, Karmakat and D belong to :iconkarmakat01:
icon made by Strype
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