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dont hesitate to look inside for more work ), i love to get comments and critiques to know more. also most always open to commissions hehe

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do you think i should do more pastels at times and add them to commission or stay digital ? 

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ever felt like wanting a month or two just...for YOURSELF? No obligations from ANYONE else...just some time to work on YOUR stuff and do stuff on your OWN terms. Be able to...find yourself again...and be ALLOWED to be who you are with the people you care for? And...just don't judge who you are every steps you take....

Last month and this month have been rocky to say the least.

Not only for my elbow but also in other situations, so I warn you this journal will treat several subjects and give my point of view on some situations.


First concerning my elbow I went through a second injection, with a stronger product, that would hopefully do a better job. The pain is way more manageable for sure but it’s not perfect either. Just this morning, for example, I woke up with the arm stuck once again. And had to take it easy all day, which allowed me to read several stuff online, which will lead to those personal points of view following later on.

Concerning my elbow well I am mostly pissed off he delays my writing, doesn’t let me draw still, and didn’t allow me to do new bracelet stocks for this Ac. But I am still hoping next year I can do more and with fewer problems.


Now the point of views part, of rants if you want to call them that way.


I often get asked “what artist, actor singer…do you look up to?” sincerely NONE. I got several in many categories that I like but I don’t look up to anyone. You can say I don’t have a “hero” or someone I put on a pedestal to the surprise of many people.

Why? Well simply because they are still humans aren’t they? And well when I was a kid most of the times I had one I ended up very disappointed in their behavior. At times because of an exposed point of view, a picture taken, or even an assholish behavior because they act like they been sent by god on earth as a gift.

And that’s just my point of view, I don’t ask people to act like me. Even if, I admit, when some people go a bit far I tend to tell them “you know…they poop too?” to make them realize what I mean with a smile. My bigger problem with that is that some people CAN’T TAKE that you don’t fawn other their star, or at this point idol.

Well sorry but it’s not my style to fawn already for someone, but it’s not because you do that I have to do it for you. If I don’t like your star I won’t think less of you for liking him but don’t get into my face all aggressive because I have a point of view. Guess what I AM ALLOWED TO HAVE MINE. If you get all aggressive on me, or others, because they don’t agree with you about your idol, then yes my point of view about you will lessen.

When I have, for example, a cartoon or book I like but others don’t what I do is explain why I enjoy it. But if you don’t like it I will not make you eat it until you love it.

Think of it this way if it’s someone that you idolize, if others don’t like him well there is more of said person for you. No need to act like a cult about it sincerely.


Now on other subjects.

As many of you know I love the United States, to the point that my family calls it “my Eldorado”. But I have to admit the more I read the news about it the more I worry.

I DON’T WANT TO START A POLITICAL DEBATS but there is some very scary stuff happening this election. And sincerely I am not saying next one in France won’t be the same or worse. But sincerely one of them, without teleprompter, says thing that MOST OF US WOULD GET FINED for daring to say. And then SUPPOSEDLY says sorry. But it’s never actually done by the person, only by “contacts to the press”.


To me it scares me because said person STILL gets a lot of followers. Either they believe in his apologies or they don’t care and just think what he says is true. And in both case this is VERY SCARY.

What I mean, if you just look at the first part, is that if they believe said person is really sorry what they expect if he is elected? That he wears an electric collar to get shocked every time he does an announcement he is going too far?


But mostly what scares me, and that is unfortunately going worldwide, is the tension going on. It’s like we are all going back to the point of “we not agreeing with your point of view, or not understanding so we have to get rid of you” and this is sad.

We, furies, are often accused of only being animals, but what does normally make the difference between animals and men? The ability to discuss issues and talk it out, the ability to REFLECT no?

What happened to what supposedly make us HUMANS? Why is it always resolving to shooting, explosions, kicking out, and all this shit? Yes I am mostly talking about that shooting that left us all in shock.

All of that because they can’t accept us? It makes me want to ask those people “Did any gay came into your strip tease parlors to bitch at you to not look at tits?” sincerely…I would be VERY SURPRISED to hear a yes.

Then another one gets stopped just as he was going to bomb and shoot to a gay pride. Sincerely SHIT PEOPLE WHY DOES IT HAVE TO BE THE SOLUTION TO KILL AND HURT FAMILIES AND FRIENDS?

As a human being I don’t get it…and I can’t caution it.


Another thing that well actually pisses me off I admit it. On all those articles I read about the shooting it’s all those request for blood donations, because they are running low. But they STILL DARE to be picky about WHO can give blood.


Someone having an illness not able to donate blood I completely understand it. But not letting gay? WHY?

The amount of gays that went to try to support family and friends donating blood to help the wounded but being refused to do so? Why?

Isn’t normally every donated blood treated and checked anyway? Are they really THAT afraid that blood from a gay will give thoughts of same sex action by transfusions while saving their lives?

What are we in a vampire movie where the blood transports also the experience and temper of the person?


Well if THAT was the case I would say any gay bashers should get transfused with gay blood. Just as an extra revenge on them. YES I AM SAYING THIS.



I know this journal will shake a lot of people. And maybe even not everyone will agree.


But I tend to say my point of view, and compared to this morning this is an edited version you can believe me.

I would just like for it to go back to a more talkative period between us. Not ending up in blood fest when some disagreements show up.

 I would like to travel without having everyone looking at the others like they are strange.

Enjoy a relaxing time through my travel and a change of place from where I am.

Just be back to were traveling was just traveling and relaxation. Not this extra stress period, even if caused by families that keep telling you “you shouldn’t go it’s not safe”.


I really don’t meant to ruffle feathers with this journal.

But I had to say my two scents as usual.


Kat out.

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Wed Oct 29, 2014, 3:11 AM
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and there the retarded horse striked again with his "3 year old wit"...
Fri Apr 25, 2014, 4:03 AM
No one has left messages in awhile?! Despite your winning personality and personal kindnesses?!
Wed Feb 12, 2014, 3:59 PM
<sighs> so long no one left any messages here...
Tue Jun 25, 2013, 1:03 PM
Fri Apr 19, 2013, 9:29 PM
Awrf!!! Hi Karma-kun! ^^
Mon Jan 21, 2013, 8:22 AM
<wonders if anyone ever post anything on this> lol
Sun Jan 13, 2013, 4:18 AM
mew~ owo
Sun Sep 16, 2012, 7:13 AM
^ Thank you wonderful Kar ^
Wed Aug 22, 2012, 11:37 AM




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