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dont hesitate to look inside for more work ), i love to get comments and critiques to know more. also most always open to commissions hehe

prices can be seen here

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some of the stuff i found the most interesting so far



do you think i should do more pastels at times and add them to commission or stay digital ? 

10 deviants said yes (why?)
9 deviants said nope better digital (why?)
6 deviants said why not (why?)
3 deviants said yes but not as commission (why?)


ever felt like wanting a month or two just...for YOURSELF? No obligations from ANYONE else...just some time to work on YOUR stuff and do stuff on your OWN terms. Be able to...find yourself again...and be ALLOWED to be who you are with the people you care for? And...just don't judge who you are every steps you take....
At times life kicks you in the nuts. At times said life is impersonated by people you care or "family".
Still don't give up, it's THEIR bad...keep being the best you, you can be.

Hey everyone

In this journal I decided to mostly give some advices to budding writers and scenarists based on what I been through, since well not a whole lot of good things happening in my life atm.


Although I want to remind all of you that YOU CAN vote for URSA majors until the 29th of February.…

Also well the third comic is being ‘lettered’ as we speak. While, at the same time, I am working on the two novels the best I can.


So now onto the advices.

Sincerely if you post on websites you won’t be finding a whole lot of readers. FA makes it hard with their coding and DA with their amount of words limitation that might force you to divide in two posts a chapter you worked hard on.

IF you post on FA don’t even try to post word files, every time, will appear with hieroglyph or just for download. And that will just make people give up right away instead of trying to read your story by lack of patience. So you have to put your story in as a plain  TXT with Unicode tf-8, that’s the best bet for your story to appear undamaged.

But you will STILL have to go through it to redo the paragraphs, italics, bold and such.


NOW if you want to actually sell your stuff, personally with a publisher company, that’s when the headache starts.

Let’s face it even someone with a degree in literature can make mistakes and typos, NO ONE IS PERFECT. So you will need to find an editor to check for you, and then you need to check the editor. And some editors do what I like to call “the shiny promise advertising with all the subtext hidden”. And that’s a big problem.

You see the adds about “75 cents a page” and you think “NEAT I can see with them” so you contact them with a page or paragraph of your work. Then you get the answer “I can do that for you but sincerely it will cost 5 dollars a page and I advise you to change ‘insert here this and that’ so that will cost you 10 dollars a page.” Sincerely, I don’t know for you, but I can’t go through the amount a whole book would cost to edit with those people.

Or, my personal favorite, when a “professional editor” answers you “I don’t like your style and your story I am not interested” WTF? Isn’t it their job?

So my advice on that do several search online, ask several estimations and pick the one you feel the most comfortable with.


Then comes the publishing part of the fun. If you want to go personal you can still pick paper and/or e-book versions. But in BOTH cases you need to get them “paged”. Which basically means have them formatted into the right files, pages styles and all the protection of your work added in there. You don’t want to have, and it’s a TRUE STORY, a book that is just a block of text from beginning to end and hope to pass as someone serious in the end.

If you want to do it yourself you can use kindle or Smashwords as far as e-book. They are pretty serious about it. And if you want paper I advise lulu to keep your own work. But in those scenario prepare the headache pills because it DOES more than sounds hard to read with all the stuff the ask you to check and fill out. It REALLY gave me a headache the first few times.


On the other side if you want to find a professional to publish you. Send it ALL AROUND. Don’t give up after one try. Be bold and nice offering several stories isn’t bad either but don’t regroup them in the same offer. You never know, they might not like one but enjoy the other.


And those advice work ALSO for comics sincerely.


Now, on a sort of, side subject. The illustrations for your novel. You AT LEAST need a cover. Some people, like me, enjoy putting some illustrations in the middle of their novels too to keep helping the reader imagine the situation. So my advice find the style not only YOU enjoy but you think is adapted for novel itself. You aren’t the only one supposed to enjoy it in the end. For example, don’t ask someone doing love scenes only to draw a bloody gun fight. It might not come out okay. Find someone with the right strength and motivation to be part of your novel.

Another advice, don’t put too many illustration in a novel and be careful with some artist. If the person asks you upfront the full money for the whole lot of illustration don’t ignore the “alarm bells”. I admit I been there. So now I got an agreement with my artists to pay for each illustration. It makes a no risk of lost on both sides that way.


The artists I work with now understand that, as much as their art is work, writing is too. So a mutual faith does help a lot in that relationship. And it DOES feel very nice.


Now, as most people know I think, I work with rabbit valley for my novels and comics. But I still have my editor and formatting contacts. So if someone needs help I don’t mind doing my best to help as usual.


There are a lot of people out there with great stories that just wait to be shared with the world.


Don’t give up people.

Not saying it’s easy…but personally I hate giving up I admit.


Kat out.

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